Internship Program

The Consumer’s Research internship is an opportunity to explore policy implications across industries. Interns work with a dynamic team of dedicated policy experts in a non-profit setting steeped with nearly 90 years of rich history. CR selects well-rounded candidates with a diverse array of interests who are dedicated team players regardless of their area of study.

Who We Are

Consumers’ Research is an independent educational organization based in Washington, D.C., whose mission is to increase the knowledge and understanding of issues, policies, products, and services of concern to consumers and to promote the freedom to act on that knowledge and understanding. Consumers’ Research, established in 1929, hires interns on a quarterly basis. Daily tasks include researching, writing, and publishing articles focusing on Health Care, Finance, Energy, Technology, and other consumer topics. Interns will also have significant roles in the brand development and marketing of the organization.

Who You Are

The ideal candidate for our internship program has the following qualifications:

  • Is a rising Junior or Senior or Master’s degree candidate
  • Has strong writing and communications skills
  • Research, marketing, and social media experience is a plus
  •  A demonstrated interest in consumer related trends such as FinTech, the sharing economy, and self-driving cars is encouraged!

What You'll Do

Interns at Consumers’ Research perform a number of tasks essential to the organization’s mission:

  • Cover consumer news by writing articles for our website and newsletter
  • Write long form articles for our quarterly magazine
  • Promote our products and engage with the public through our social media accounts
  • Attend events in Washington D.C., and represent the organization at those events
  • Learn from Consumers’ Research staff in a classroom setting on a host of topics relevant to aspiring D.C. professionals.

What You'll Gain

Over the course of the program, interns will gain a number of valuable assets:

  • A robust portfolio of published writing
  • Experience pitching story ideas and engaging with professionals in a full editorial process
  • Financial compensation


To apply for the Consumers’ Research internship program please enter your name and email address and upload a resumer, cover letter, and writing sample.

Past Interns

Treavon Tryon
Treavon Tryon
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Treavon Tryon is pursuing a degree in economics at Texas A&M University in College Station. Passionate about the financial world and how the economy works, he has interned for Houston’s Black Chamber of Commerce as well as The GMS Group. Treavon also studied at China’s Research Institute of Economics and Management during the Fall of 2016. He is both a Regents’ scholar and a Steve Francis scholar. As part of his studies he has worked on projects regarding NAFTA and the share economy in China. Treavon hopes to use his research skills and knowledge of economics to contribute to economic policy, specifically income inequality, mobility and low-income programs. In his free time he enjoys traveling, playing chess and caring for his three German Shepherds.
Gabriel Pohl-Zaretsky
Gabriel Pohl-Zaretsky
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Gabe Pohl-Zaretsky is a senior at the George Washington University, where he majored in Economics and Business. Gabe has a diverse background, working in economic consulting at Berkeley Research Group, doing financial planning for retail giant Macy’s Inc., and performing data analytics for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. While working in the regulatory space, Gabe developed a passion for consumer issues, especially in the financial sector. Gabe recognizes the importance of stable and fair capital markets and seeks to better educate investors on the safest and most profitable allocation of their resources. As a research fellow, Gabe will be producing data-driven white papers and articles for Consumers’ Research, primarily focusing on the financial sector and related topics.
Kristyna Alexova
Kristyna Alexova
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Kristyna is a junior, currently studying Global Economics and Business at American University. She has previously interned for financial services companies, including Fidelity and Citibank. Kristyna will assist in managing Consumers’ Research strategic engagement efforts and in increasing CR’s online following and presence through social media. She will also create marketing products and conduct back-end analysis of readership and engagement trends. She has been an active squash player for 12 years and is a native of the Czech Republic.
Sara Bastian
Sara Bastian
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Sara Bastian is a senior at Georgetown University, majoring in English and French. As a Summer 2017 Fellow, Sara developed and executed marketing and social media campaigns for CR. She also researched and reported on emerging energy, technology, and financial trends, as well as on the unintended consequences of policy on the U.S. consumer.
George Jay
George JaySummer 2017 Fellow
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George is a student at High Point University in North Carolina, and is pursuing a BA in Media and Popular Culture with a focus in social media and advertising.
Tanya Grover
Tanya GroverSummer 2017 Fellow
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Tanya Grover is a senior at Georgetown University pursuing International Economics. As a Marketing Fellow at Consumers’ Research, she intends to explore how fluctuations in economic variables affects consumers. She loves to teach, play tennis and travel.
Aidan Lawson
Aidan LawsonSummer 2017 Fellow
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Aidan Lawson is a senior at the George Washington University majoring in Economics with a minor in political science. As a Research Fellow for CR, he intends to cover the day-to-day impacts of alternative energy technologies and financial trends on domestic consumers. He is particularly interested in domestic and international financial markets and how developments in these directly impact everyday people.
Tom Lenz
Tom LenzSpring 2017 Fellow
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Thomas is a Junior at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business majoring in Finance and Information Management with a minor in Theology. During his time at CR, Thomas researched developments in the automobile industry as well as Bitcoin regulation and ETFs. After his CR Fellowship, Thomas will spend the summer working for KPMG in New Jersey.
Colin Downey
Colin DowneySpring 2017 Fellow
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Colin Downey is a member of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business Class of 2017 where he studied international business and management. As a research fellow at CR, he focused on issues related to food industry standards, cyber security, energy, hospitality, and financial planning. Colin joined L.E.K. Consulting following graduation.
Caroline Linne
Caroline LinneSpring 2017 Fellow
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Caroline Linne is a student at the George Washington University majoring in Marketing and Minoring in Spanish. As a Marketing Fellow for Consumers’ Research she has managed and developed the social media strategy of the organization as well as researched the emerging potential for education technology and distance learning. In the future, she hopes to utilize her marketing experience to promote accessibility to higher level education and the benefits of multilingualism.
Ashton DeLano
Ashton DeLanoFall 2016 Fellow
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Ashton DeLano is a junior at the George Washington University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Economics with minors in Business Administration and Computer Science. He covered developments in the health and energy sectors and the impact of new technologies on the consumer.
Matthew Clark
Matthew ClarkSummer 2016 Fellow
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John Doe
John DoeSummer 2015 Fellow
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Jacob is a student at the University of Alaska Anchorage where he is majoring in political science and economics with a minor in communication. He also competes both domestically and internationally as a collegiate debater. During his time at CR, Jacob focused his efforts on consumer technology proliferation and alternative energy markets. Jacob is a 2017 Truman Scholar.
Jillian Matlaga
Jillian MatlagaSummer 2016 Fellow
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Jillian is a junior at The George Washington University majoring in Marketing and International Business and minoring in Journalism and Mass Communications. As part of her studies, she has created and presented a marketing plan to a team of professionals to increase foot traffic in Macy’s stores. She is particularly interested in the consumer mind and how marketing strategies surround us at all times. She loves to dance, cook, and explore Washington DC in her spare time.
Jake Steele
Jake SteeleSpring &
Fall 2016 Fellow
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Jake Steele is a sophomore at Georgetown University studying finance and management. During his time at Consumers’ Research, he has examined trends in the automotive industry and energy sectors.
Mackenzie Evans
Mackenzie EvansSummer 2015 Fellow
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Mackenzie is a junior at Villanova University. She is double-majoring in Marketing and Finance with a minor in Business Entrepreneurship. As a part of her studies, she has created and presented a comprehensive marketing plan to professionals from The Vanguard Group featuring Vanguard’s exchange-traded funds. Mackenzie managed a number of social media and outreach campaigns during her time at CR.
Ethica Burt
Ethica BurtSpring 2015 Fellow
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Ethica Burt is a graduate of The George Washington University where she majored International Business and Sustainability. As a fellow with CR she executed social media campaigns and researched the consumer implications of sustainability efforts.
Anna Pleshakova
Anna PleshakovaFall 2014 Fellow
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Anna is a graduate of The George Washington University in Washington, DC with a BA in Marketing and Communication. During her time at CR she designed and executed social media campaigns and researched and wrote about emerging technologies such as wearable tech.
Millan Bederu
Millan BederuFall 2015 Fellow
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Millan focused her efforts at CR on researching consumer issues and conducting pertinent data driven analysis. Millan graduated from George Washington University with a BA in biological anthropology. As part of her studies she conducted field research, which was subsequently published, on the population and habitat of the endemic species of lemurs on the island of Nosy Be in Madagascar.
John Tetnowski
John TetnowskiSummer 2014 Fellow
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John is a graduate of Colgate University. During his time at CR he focused on emerging technologies and their intersection with the finance sector. After graduating from Colgate John went on to work for EY.
Olivia Ferguson
Olivia FergusonSummer 2014 Fellow
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Olivia is a graduate of Villanova University where she earned her Bachelor’s in economics and history, minoring in gender and women’s studies. She is a recipient of the Falvey Scholar Research Award for Business and Economics for her work on the impact of the metropolitan manufacturing decline. Olivia has experience working with federal legislatures on health care policy, women’s issues, and Internet safety. Since her time at CR Olivia went on to work for The Advisory Board Company and then pursued a Master’s in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.