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Jeff Bezos Steps Down as Amazon CEO

Amazon’s CEO and Founder, Jeff Bezos, announced that he is stepping down in the third quarter of 2021 as the company’s CEO, bringing an end

Apple Rolls Out New Privacy Measures

Apple is planning to launch new privacy features on its products over the next few months despite opposition from social media giant Facebook. Apple’s new privacy

What is “up” with GameStop?

Shares of GameStop Inc. stock (GME) were up over 150% in opening hours on Jan. 25 and have continued to skyrocket throughout the week. The

Verizon 5G Boxes

People across the country may soon have access to the next generation of internet, 5G, but customers may be surprised to see 5G infrastructure popping

Netflix Hits 200 Million Users

Netflix crossed a significant subscriber milestone this week, solidifying the company’s position as a major influence in Hollywood. The streaming service, which was founded in

Microsoft Takes a Chance on Driver-Less Cars

Microsoft is joining forces with General Motors’ driverless-car startup Cruise to help speed up the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. The pair-up is a sign of renewed interest

Amazon Faces Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Amazon is facing a new lawsuit over price-fixing through a deal between the retail giant and book publishers.   The lawsuit was filed in New York

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