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Tesla Buys $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin

Tesla announced that it bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in an SEC filing after its CEO Elon Musk’s repeated promotion of the cryptocurrency. The filing

New Proposal for Cryptocurrency Regulation

A newly proposed regulation for cryptocurrency is causing a stir in the tech and finance worlds. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Treasury (FinCEN) proposed a new rule

Coinbase Aims to go Public

As the price of cryptocurrencies soars among renewed interest in them by investors, the most prominent cryptocurrency exchange has signaled interest in going public. Coinbase

Bitcoin Nearing All-Time High

Bitcoin’s price continues to surge in 2020 as the cryptocurrency’s price climbed past $19,000 on Nov. 24. Only two weeks ago, Bitcoin hit its highest price since

Bitcoin Prices Hit Highest Point Since 2018

The price of bitcoin climbed to $16,000 on Nov. 12, a price point the cryptocurrency has not seen since January 2018. Bitcoin is the world’s largest and most popular

New York State Approves Stablecoin

On Monday, Sept. 10, New York State announced its approval of two new cryptocurrencies tied to the U.S. dollar. These “stablecoins” (cryptocurrencies with values tied

Cryptocurrency Roundtable on Capitol Hill

A forum of cryptocurrency experts and lobbyists will gather on Capitol Hill later this month to discuss regulation of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Their input

No Crypto for the Winklevoss’

The Winklevoss brothers, those sad fated twins whom Mark Zuckerberg suckered on his way to founding Facebook, have been dealt another blow. In late July,

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