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West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore Receives Consumers’ Champion Award

Riley Moore, West Virginia treasure, receives the Consumers’ Research Consumers’ Champion Award from Will Hild, executive director of Consumers’ Research. Treasure Moore received the Consumers’ Champion Award for defending West Virginia consumers against the ESG movement and protecting West Virginians’ hard-earned money.

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Spring 2017

The EV Adoption Curve • Medicare & Drug Prices • Airbnb & the Housing Market • Right to Repair • Ride-Sharing & Car Ownership Decline • Seafood Fishiness • Money Making Money • Driverless Cars...
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Fall 2016

VR • Plus Size Retail • Medical Research Revolution • Sharing Economy Regulation • Prepaid Cards Regulation • Apple vs FBI • Chord Cutting • Hydrogen Fuel Cells • Self-Driving Car Regulation...
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Summer 2016

Middle Class Housing • Too Much Fluoride • The Global 5G Race • The Fiduciary Rule & Retirement Savings • Market Approach to Wastewater • The Soda Tax • 3D Printing Applications • FDA Salt Guidelines...
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Spring 2016

Proximity Marketing Spring Cleaning: Cash for Trash • Telemarketing "Do Not Call" List • Solar Subsidies Sunset • Healthcare Innovation • Online Dating Survey • VW Diesel Scandal • Disruptive Lending Disputed...
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Winter 2015

Consumer Drone Age • Drug Regulation Unintended Consequences • FDA Approval Guidelines • Student Loan Debt • Freezing Our Credit Thieves • Bitcoin Hero Jeff Garzik • Tipping & the Minimum Wage...
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Initial Coin Offerings: Consumer Implications & Considerations

This paper provides background information on the origins and proliferation of ICOs, explains the risks involved with investing in ICOs, and details a number of considerations potential investors ought to contemplate before committing their resources to a new ICO-funded project.

Examining the Data Behind the CFPB's Arbitration Rule

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a Final Rule in which it prohibited individual arbitration agreements between financial services companies and consumers that have disputes with one another. Consumers’ Research conducted a analysis of some of the data and methods in the report, as well as the differences between arbitration and class action suits.

Consumer Protection in the Digital Currency Economy

“Protecting Consumers in the Digital Currency Economy” presents guiding principles on consumer protection for businesses working with digital currencies and other blockchain-based assets. The document is the culmination of this summer’s Bretton Woods 2016 workshop, hosted by Consumers’ Research, which gathered regulators, legislators, policy-makers, legal experts, and members of the financial services industry.